Date: 20/03/2012

By: Evelyn Mohammed

Subject: Re: Thanks Again

I would just like to add my thanks to everyone involved. I was running with two friends. For two of us this was our first ultra marathon. We followed the advice of our Giant leprechaun (David Ross) as a result Cathy & I finished the race feeling good , smiling and considering running another ultra. Thanks to Victoria, Fiona & George for keeping us company for a while and all the support & encouragement from fellow runners. Big thanks to marshalls, fab flapjacks etc. Great race!

Date: 18/03/2012

By: Lorn Pearson

Subject: D33 2012

What a great event this year. Well organised, ideal weather, great route and friendly competitors and stewards.

I could have done with an extra water station between before the second last one on the way back (or a stream!) to dunk my cap in as I was hot. And maybe would have liked a Tshirt, or the option to buy a Tshirt so that I can promote what is a brilliant event!!

I understand why there wasn't a Tshirt and think that it's great how reasonable it is to enter the event, i will be tefommending it to others as a great step to get into ultra running x :-) for more about how my day went, go here:

Date: 18/03/2012

By: christopher

Subject: Re: D33 2012

what a wonderful day. thanks to george and everyone who made it happen.

Date: 17/03/2012

By: Craig Stewart

Subject: 2012 Race

Another great day, not only did the sun shine but condtions were all but prefect. A big thank you to George and his team for very good marshalling and route marking. Goody bag was excellent value. For a race which costs £10 along with water and treats at the end.. Big Thanks
I might be bias due to my own personal result but that certainly doesn't detract from the ease with which the race was organised. Well done to all.

I'm sure i'm not alone in my comments

Date: 24/03/2011

By: neil m

Subject: d33

Just to add to the positive feedback. Great race, great people, fantastically organised, even good weather.

Everything an ultra should be.

Thanks again!

Date: 23/03/2011

By: neil

Subject: D33 2011

Thanks to all the organisors for a great race. Also, the guy from Dundee in the kilt- thanks for the salt tab I surely needed it, looked like I'd been dipped in sherbet when i dried out.

Date: 22/03/2011

By: Margaret Dougals

Subject: D33 2011

A big thank you to George and his team. What a splendid event. Everyone was so friendly, the course was gorgeous, the weather brilliant. My first Ultra in my 50th year, thought I would only do one but now thinking about the Speyside one...

Date: 22/03/2011

By: Colin Knox

Subject: Amazing

My second D33 was even better than the first!! Well done to George, Karen, Silke, and all the others involved in organising and running this years event. A fantastic opener to the series in which the others can only learn from. I'm looking forward to my hattrick next year, which im sure will attract even more...the word is out...Aberdeen and the D33 is the race to pen in the diary for 2012.

Date: 21/03/2011

By: McFluffy

Subject: D33-2011

Ultra organisation, ultra food & ultra fun!

Date: 21/03/2011

By: Anne

Subject: Re: D33-2011

Have to agree with all the comments - great race, faultless organisation, good atmosphere and you even organised beautiful weather! Who'd have thought it could be so warm in Aberdeen in March? Love the unique medal, too.
An ultra I'd definitely recommend.
Huge thank you to George and team.

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