Entry Info



£18 SA

£20 Non SA

£1 Transaction charge.

Online entry only

Entry is via Entry Central.


Total distance out and back is 33 miles.

No entry conditions apply, if you think you can then enter and do it.

If you get half way and find you can't, phone registration with your race number, tell them you are a loser and take the bus home.

Support, there is none required but if you want your mum to meet you half way with a jam sandwich then thats ok with us.

Checkpoint at 1/4 way, half way and 3/4 way, roughly 8ish miles, 16 and a half miles and 25ish miles. Get to half way turn around point, then run back.

You get water at the checkpoints, if drop bag needed at the checkpoints clearly mark your bag with your number or carry yourself or get from your Mum.

Cut offs - This is a race for runners CUT OFF AT 3rd CHECKPOINT IS 2:30 PM