Start Info for D33 & D99

D33 - Registration opens at 7:30 am on Saturday 14th March

Race Start time 9am

Location - Duthie Park Car Park on Riverside Drive, see map for details

PLEASE NOTE, The car park has been reduced in size and Riverside Drive the road running along side the park now has double yellow lines, if local please use public transport or get dropped off picked up, The train station is no more than a 15 min walk, If you must come by car please car share and arrive early, plenty side streets at the back of the park have free parking as does further round past the park on Riverside Drive.


DROP BAGS - We will have marshalls cars signed with either 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 drop bag point. Runners should place their drop bag beside the drop bag location they wish the bag to go. A drop bag should be a small carrier bag marked very clearly with your race number which you would have received from Entry Central when you had your race confirmation e-mail. Please ensure your race number is waterproof! DO NOT put in a change of clothes or shoes as we will not take these to a drop bag location.

BAGGAGE VAN - We will have a baggage van to store any kit you need for after the race. Please do not bring valuable items.