Route Description for D33 & D99

 D33.gpx (140,1 kB) Download Route Here to gps device etc.


The easily usable footpath section is from the Duthie Park, Aberdeen to Peterculter with two breaks across quiet country roads and a larger one at the busy Milltimber Brae. It then breaks again for around a mile along Coalford Croft (there is some signposting to help guide you), until it picks up the route again and there is a narrow path to Drumoak. You then travel up to the North Deeside Road where it picks up further along and it opens out into a wide path until it reaches Crathes where you must go around and back onto the A957 and there is a small road onto the path once more. This leads on into Banchory on a smooth and easy path.

It has a short section on minor roads and crosses some major roads. The section alongside the reinstated railway at Milton of Crathes is relatively rough (no dust finish yet) and the section west of that to the outskirts of Banchory is a bit muddy.


I would suggest that about 60% of the path is finished tarmac but a lot of it has mud, leaves etc on it because you're alongside the river and amongst the trees etc it feels like a trail run but on a good surface.

The route will be enjoyed by both road and trail runners.

If it's dry road shoes will be fine, but parts of the route can be very wet and muddy if heavy rain so watch the weather and keep your options open.