Route Description for D33 & D99

 D33.gpx (140,1 kB) Download Route Here to gps device etc.


The easily usable footpath section is from the Duthie Park, Aberdeen to Peterculter with two breaks across quiet country roads and a larger one at the busy Milltimber Brae. It then breaks again for around a mile along Coalford Croft (there is some signposting to help guide you), until it picks up the route again and there is a narrow path to Drumoak. You then travel up to the North Deeside Road where it picks up further along and it opens out into a wide path until it reaches Crathes where you must go around and back onto the A957 and there is a small road onto the path once more. This leads on into Banchory on a smooth and easy path.

It has a short section on minor roads and crosses some major roads. The section alongside the reinstated railway at Milton of Crathes is relatively rough (no dust finish yet) and the section west of that to the outskirts of Banchory is a bit muddy.


I would suggest that about 60% of the path is finished tarmac but a lot of it has mud, leaves etc on it because you're alongside the river and amongst the trees etc it feels like a trail run but on a good surface.

The route will be enjoyed by both road and trail runners.

If it's dry road shoes will be fine, but parts of the route can be very wet and muddy if heavy rain so watch the weather and keep your options open.



This route is detailed so you can follow on a training run. The route on race day will be marked and no navigation skills are required.
The race route will follow the Deeside Way, a marked footpath up to Ballater.

We only deviate from the way marked route to add in the top of Scolty Hill after Banchory.
As mentioned previously, this will have additional route marking therefore after Scolty woodland car park, the Deeside way is waymarked to the right but we will go straight up to the wooden gate at foot of Scolty then turn left when through gate, then 100 meters later turn right and go up the steep side of Scolty over the top taking the path on the right down then taking the right fork halfway down arriving at tourist path. Turn left, then when the path turns left and starts to climb Scolty we will go straight on over open moorland towards dyke and trees picking up a forest trail after a short distance then re-join the Deeside way route. This detour adds 1.7 miles to the distance to Ballater bringing it to 42.7 miles.

Checkpoints, Banchory, Potarch, Aboyne, Ballater, Ballater again, Aboyne, Potarch, Banchory.

On reaching Ballater you will arrive at our main Aid station on the route, more details will follow but we will have a Heated Marque and toilets. You will pass through here before and after the Ballater loop.

Ballater loop15.3 miles.

After reviewing the loop we have decided for those choosing the Supported option you can have your support runner join you for the loop and onwards.

The Aid Station will be in Monaltrie park.
Again, this will be well marked - Leave the park heading towards the A93 Ballater, Braemar road, turn left and head straight through town cross the bridge and the B976 and head up the signposted trail directly in front of you. Take the well groomed trail to the left and after 50 meters the trail bends to the right but we will go straight on following the way marker showing Cambus o May. After passing Dalmochie camp look out for a very faint trail (rabbit run through mossy trail) just after the clearing on your right. Take this trail to the summit of Craig Collich. Follow the trail up and over before returning down. Cross straight over forest trail to rejoin a steeper trail and arrive at well groomed trail then turn left and follow to Bridge of Muick.

We will now head out the B976 for a short distance before turning right and running round the edge of Dalhefour Wood before meeting the B976 again and turning left. Continue past the Knock turning right and heading for Mill of Sterin. Head up the stairs and turn left heading back towards Bridge of Muick. Re-join well groomed path that runs parallel with road passing the McKenzie memorial before descending to road again.

Cross bridge and then turn left down Dee bank road. Follow to the end and at the T junction, turn left and pick up the river path that runs round the golf course. Continue until river path climbs and joins a forest trail. Turn right and head for Old Line road. Turn left down Braemar place then right down A93 Braemar road. Take next left into Craigndarroch walk and take path on left.

Climb steeply while winding round hill to the left. When path splits, continue to climb taking the right path to the summit of Cragindarroch. Go behind the cairn to find a path descending to your right. Follow this down and round hill to your right. After descending close to bottom of hill, take a left and follow path round the woods until you come to the end of the houses. Note my strava shows going between houses so is slightly off at this point. At the end of Monaltire Avenue, turn right to pick up path that will take you round the park back to Aid station.

The route then returns to Aberdeen the same way as you came out and finishes with a glory lap round the Duthie Park.


I stress you do not need to know this as it will be well marked. This is purely for info if you want to do a recce run. If you do not know where these places are it will make no difference to you on race day.