Date: 17/03/2013

By: Megan Dale

Subject: Awesome!

A big, BIG thank you to George and all the marshalls, who spent hours in the biting cold and relentless drizzle, keeping us all going. This was my first ultra marathon and what an amazing experience! And those chewy, oaty, flapjack things at the halfway point really were like manna from heaven....Thanks again! I'll be back ;) (terminator voice).

Date: 17/03/2013

By: Jennifer Davenport

Subject: Amazing!

First ultra but def not the last. What an amazing day, great atmosphere, route, brilliant marshalls, and the goody bags and beer at the end were awesome. Cathy and Evelyn, my dad says next year he will sing you a wee bit of Elvis! Was lovely running with you for the few miles and thanks for the food! Loved the whole day. Thanks George and amazing team.

Date: 17/03/2013

By: Shona Raitt

Subject: first ultra

Fab,fab,fab :) cant stop smiling ! It was awful and wonderful and miserable and wonderful and cold and. . . . you get the picture.
I was dead last and I dont care,Im an ultramarathoner !
Cant thank George and his crew enough,they must have been frozen to the bone,but they all still smiled and chatted and encouraged us on.
Thanks again.

Date: 17/03/2013

By: George Salmond

Subject: Thanks

My first ultra experience was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you for the organisation and also to all the runners I ran and chatted with along the way. To next year...

Date: 17/03/2013

By: Mike Thomson

Subject: yesterdays race

Big thanks to George, karen and all the marshals and helpers. Great day out , awsome medals ! Be back next year,


Date: 17/03/2013

By: Andrew Brown

Subject: First Ultra

Just want to say thanks for a Great day. The marshals were superb. There were points when I was running that I thought "I'm never doing this again" but after crossing the line for my first ultra I can safely say I will be back next year :-)

Thanks again

Date: 16/03/2013

By: Evelyn Mohammed

Subject: D33 2013

Hi George
Congratulations on organising another fab race. This was second time for Cathy & I. Fantastic marshalls thanks for doing such a good job, keeping us all going with plentiful supplies of goodies. Excellent nutty brownie! :) Thanks to all people who ran with us for a while, Noanie,Sheona, Emily and Mark & Jenny. See you all next year. Evelyn xx

Date: 20/03/2012

By: Norry

Subject: A big Thanks

Thanks to George and his great crew for putting on another great Race.
Thanks for Having us and see you all next year :-)

Date: 20/03/2012


Subject: d33

Great race many thanks: )shall be back next year just for the medal: )

Date: 18/03/2012

By: Steve Murdoch

Subject: Thanks

Thanks to everyone involved. Friendy event; Great refreshements, loved the Brew Dog at the end and "Do Epic Shit" is a mantra that needs repeated!

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