Date: 04/10/2014

By: Dave Jones

Subject: Experian Alert

Please could you remove my private information off the site and out of public view, PSB the alert sent to me by Credit Expert.

Name:Mr David Stuart Jones
Web monitoring has found your phone number alongside your name publicly available on the web.
Having two or more items of your sensitive personal information publicly available in the same place will put you at a higher risk of online and identity fraud. Please visit the above website and confirm whether these details need to be visible.
If you require your contact details to be publicly available we would advise you to be aware that these details will make you more vulnerable to phone phishing otherwise known as ‘vishing´ or ‘smishing´ if it is your mobile number.
If you do not require your contact details to be publicly available then we recommend you contact the website administrator and request that they be removed.

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