Date: 14/01/2010

By: _andy

Subject: Jam sandwiches

My Mum says it's a bit too far.

Date: 14/01/2010

By: whwr princess

Subject: Happy days

George - you really are top notch

Brilliant website in only a few days. Top person and top race organiser. Happy days.

I will be unable to make the day of the race as 3rd April is the last day of my Easter WHW walk, so I will be heading from Kinlochleven to Ft Bill looking forward to seeing the leisure centre!!!

I will raise a pint in honour of the first D33 Ultra

Date: 14/01/2010

By: Sandy K

Subject: Definately interested

Need to check logistics. If it fits in arround school hols, ferry times, etc, etc, I'lll defnately do this. Great timing for the Fling.

Date: 14/01/2010

By: LesleyH

Subject: ....tempted.....

Yup, very tempted. Must have a closer look at logistics etc.....

Date: 14/01/2010

By: Deeks

Subject: Very tempting!

I will seriously look to see if I can fit this one in!

Date: 14/01/2010

By: Joopsy

Subject: Bugger!

Can't do that weekend but would love to do one in the future.

Date: 14/01/2010

By: John Kynaston

Subject: Great Idea

Well done George!

All the best with this race and I hope you get lots of runners taking part.

Impressive web site put together in a couple of days.


Date: 14/01/2010

By: Dave Waterman

Subject: Crackin' George

Great stuff, mate. Well done.

Date: 14/01/2010

By: shanksi

Subject: Looks good

Nice idea for a race - I'm sure the Shanks family will be represented one way or another!

Date: 13/01/2010

By: Karen d

Subject: website cool but my cow beats your stag

Still spell/grammar checking for you :-)

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